From Canon to Nikon

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Re: From Canon to Nikon

RBFresno wrote:

amobi wrote:

Every image needs sharpening one way or the other. The idea that D600 or whatever doesn't require sharpening is not true. It all depends on the image.

Based on his comments about the D800, I think that "BackInTheGame" meant that he finds that the "Standard Picture control" sharpens the D600 image enough for his tastes.

I was basically responding to OP who wants to know if sharpening is still necessary with D600. I have no issues with whatever works for BackInTheGame.

Also, Nikon having a better flash system in terms of metering is another big lie in my own opinion. I shoot with D800 and 5DIII and I can't say which flash system is better. They all have issues. You have to play with FEC on both to get it right. Don't depend on the camera.


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