Does PhotoNinja suck or is it me?

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The emperor has no clothes!'s you.

Now you see what's REALLY in the x-trans raw file. It's just like any other Sony 16 MP sensor. Un-click the Noise Ninja box and get a look at the color noise that is present too. Now click the noise ninja box again, and the color noise disappears. You are left with the luminance noise. You're not used to seeing that luminance noise in your jpegs, are you? That's because Fuji blurs that out too (Noise Ninja in a Can!) in-camera. Don't worry, PhotoNinja will do that too. Go back to the Noise Ninja line, make sure that the little box is checked. Now, I want you to click --next-- to the box, on the left side, but not the box itself. That'll bring up the Noise Ninja panel. See the Luminance Noise reduction section? CLick enable. Voila! You now have a nice smooth file, just like your OOC jpeg!

Iridient is no different. It'll let you see what's behind the curtain, just like PN will.

You've now lost your x-trans innocence.

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

I downloaded it last night in hot anticipation as it was billed as THE best (or at least one of the finest) ways to convert RAW images from the new X-T1. I downloaded the latest pre release version which added highlight recovery for the X series sensors and such. Well, I'm NOT impressed. Not only do the Jpeg images blow the RAW's away but I can NOT for the life of me remove the noise as it should or could be. It just doesn't take much out. It is as if I'm not seeing the results of what the program is doing. But I can see it's processing from the icon that moves above showing in progress processing. There is a ton more noise than in the Jpeg and it doesn't provide the kind of resolution and quality image I would expect from a competent converter. The RAW's coming out of Lightroom from my former EM1 was far superior, and I KNOW this can't be right. Anyone out there using this program tell me something is wrong and how to make it right?

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