Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

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Re: Too Funny.

Lee Jay wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:

That, and the fact that this issocial media (I'm not going to let you snip that out).

It's funny that you say that. I pretty much consider this the exact opposite of socializing. It's not eye-to-eye, it's not voice-to-voice, it's usually not about personal events in our lives (I had a big one yesterday, and haven't posted about it here, just in private to my family), it's largely anonymous, and one can do it while being totally alone. In fact, I would argue that doing more of this means doing fewer social things.

I have a broader view of the term socializing. Of course I don't think this compares with face to face discussion. But neither does online gaming, or often Facebook. But they still fall under the vague term socializing in my opinion.

You and I are having a discussion, no different than one I would have with someone I knew personally. Maybe even via text messaging. I don't have a Facebook account or anything like it, but if I did, I might be having these discussions with people I actually know via those services. So in that regard this is very similar.

You've got me curious about the big event. I hope it's a positive one.

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