Nikon D4 Assymetrical Problem Follow-up (February 2014)

Started Feb 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: I will not give in, nor will I suck up the loss & allow Nikon to have their way this time round

You mean like all the complaints about not being able to use the outer focus points on the 5d MkII on the forums.

Yet many working photographers still managed to product great images from both 5d MkII and D4 cameras – so how big a problem is this defect if photographers are able to produce great images from both these cameras?

I am sure that this camera has more than paid for itself since 2012 from the income earned from the images produced from it – time to retire it and get something that will meet your expectations. I hear from the forums that the 1Dx has the best AF system in today’s market.

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