EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Camera manufacturing is still very "backward" in this sense. I can understand the need for secrecy during development, but after release they still seem to have this sort of secrecy code among the various suppliers. I think it has more to do with the camera manufacturers. They probably do not want to have their sensors clearly identified as consumers will then be able to judge/compare the IQ of cameras too easily, i.e. no more hype and marketing trickery or big mark-ups, say, if sensor models are all made known like PC CPUs, or laptop LCD panels. Particularly for the bigger manufacturer with deep marketing pockets, they can then continue to sell boring old sensor cameras to dumb consumers and make good profits. I don't know why manufacturers like Olympus need to hide this information if they are using a high performance sensor.

Both Sony and Panasonic are their competitors - different divisions from their sensor divisions, and their camera divisions might not (and often do not) use the same sensors they make for Olympus, but these are details which will be ignored by majority of the public and the Sony/Panasonic brands simply get free advertisement from mentioning by Olympus.

Imagine Intel would have their own PC and laptop business seriously competing with Dell and HP - they might not be as glad to mention Intel Inside then.

Besides, being made by X does not mean it is completely designed and owned by X and bought by Y off the shelf - it might be just manufactured for Y, or codesigned with Y, or designed to Y's specifications... it is still might be Y's component, not X's.

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