X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: Waiting for Mac OS update as well

historianx wrote:

nick_webster wrote:

I have a spanking new X-T1 sat in front of me, but no way to process the RAWs yet

I refuse to use any other RAW converters because dealing with one set of software engineers' foibles is more than enough aggravation for me ( with the exception of SPP for my Sigma files as nothing else works, to my great regret )

What is that you see in your X-E2 files that you don't get from your Canon ?


So you refuse to use the In-Cam RAW converter? It is slow and tedious on the x-E1 but i like the results.

Yes, the results from the in camera converter are excellent!  But Fujifilm really muffed up the design and has yet to fix it for their earlier cameras.   It is staggering how poorly Fujifilm programmed the in-camera converter.  Clearly they never tested it!

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