Conspiracy theorists unite

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Re: are you saying?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Are you saying your conspiracy theory is valid but the Sony and Canon ones are not?

I will talk about my conspiracy theory as soon as I would formulate my first one. Don't hold your breath, though.

Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Considering DPR staff is more than one person - any effor to do something harmful to Pentax brand must be a conspiracy.

So, when you make statements like:

"If it has a Pentax label, it's not exciting no matter what. But your average entry level DSLR, or yet another mirrorless - with the proper brand - is, and will be reviewed with priority"

Or here were you suggest DPR didn't review the K3 yet because;

"There were other cameras with higher priority (including entry level cameras with the "proper" brand).:

you really aren't insinuating that DPR staff intentionally ignores Pentax in favor of other brands?

It is one thing to point out or question a mistake. It's something else to say there is a directed bias or conspiracy against a particular brand. They are two very different things.

And we need a Canon user on a crusade to help us make the difference?

Nope - just someone who sees the silly behavior by a minority of people in any system - just like Canon and Sony forums have a minority of users that seem to think DPR has something against their specific brand.

I merely point out that people in other brands feel the same way you do - that DPR is maliciously trying to do injustice to their brand. Why are your accusations valid and theirs are not?

Are we discussing the points made by specific people (which should be on a case by case basis), or your strawman?


Well - since you and I are discussing - let's talk about your specific accusations - that DPR ignores a K-3 review precisely because of the brand.  Since DPR staff is more than one person and that missing reivew is "doing harm" then that accusation fits the definition of conspiracy.  So - do you think DPR conspires just against Pentax or is the conspiracy larger?

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