Does PhotoNinja suck or is it me?

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How to use as a plug in Re: Does PhotoNinja suck or is it me?

jm10 wrote:

Somehow does not sound right. I am getting very good results and noise is not an issue. Photo Ninja does include the latest version of the Noise Ninja which is supposed to be one of the best noise management tools.

Do you use it in a stand-alone mode or as a LR plug-in? I do get good results even with default values but there are many settings that can be customized to your taste. Did you tweak some of them? Perhaps a JPEG vs PN comparison shots would help.


How would you use this or Cap1 as a plug in?  I am using Cap1 alone but would love to go directly to NIK even if through LR.  I have heard Aperture messes up Cap1 images. I did not buy PN but tried it, I have tried Iridient. PN was not hard to use, cap1 does well with XTrans and Ricoh RAW.  It has become my go to but I hat the lack of cataloging, maybe I have missed something.


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