Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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I will tell you why 5D3 outsells D800.

1. For many years, even though Nikon was the one who came out with "affordable" DSLR, Nikon refused to have FF camera. In that period Canon accumulated many more users than Nikon. People usually don't change systems. 5D was revolutionary camera and 5D2 was even more so. Natural progression was to buy 5D3. More Canon users means more 5D3 sales.

2. Camera by itself without lenses is nothing but with 24-105mm as a kit 5D3 sold for less than Nikon D800 and 24-120mm. I paid the same price for 5D3 with 24-105 lens as the price I paid for D800e.

3. Initial sales of D800 were much higher than 5D3 (some people were waiting 6 months to get it) but......

Canon change their policy on things. Now you can get refurbished 5D3 with the same warranty as new.

You can buy gray market 5D3 or from unauthorized dealer and as long as you have an US receipt you get full warranty. On the other hand I bought both cameras from an authorized dealer.

Policies like that hardly exists with any other manufacturer of any product.

Combining that with deep discounts (BVI on Ebay) that makes 5D3 cheaper than D800 and repeated lies that 5D3 is better than D800 from Canon users who never actually touched D800 and you get the picture.

Basically Canon and users are cheating on the both fronts.

As you noticed price of D800/D800e is the same as initial price. Maybe Nikon is comfortable with amount of D800 cameras they sell, who knows.

Fiasco with dust on D600 and left focus problem on D800 gave Nikon bad reputation even though IMHO these two problems are not as big as people made them.

Canon supplies equipment to big news agencies at much higher discount.

But all these don't make 5D3 better than D800 just more popular.

Long time ago Beta VCRs were much better than VHS yet VHS won because it could record longer on the tape at lower quality.

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