X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: Moire problems ...

rovingtim wrote:

nick_webster wrote:

As I said I don't photograph much with clothing in it which is, I guess, the main source of moire.

If you check DPReviews test image in the moire traps, you will see that all the no AA cameras react rather dramatically. The main difference between the X-trans and the Bayer is the colour of the strongest response.

Bring up the Fuji XM1 or the Oly EM1 and examine the traps while comparing other cameras.


(moire traps are in the bottom central pane)

In non AA cameras, I see colour distortions all over the place. I recently took a shot of an increasing frequently fence with an older AA equipped camera and it took me a while to notice why it looked different from images from modern cameras. The answer was that there were no aliasing colour distortions.

Have you done any back to back testing against the X-Trans or are you just going on experience ?

I'm not seeing any more detail which makes me curious whether that is just down to the rendering from Aperture, or whether there really isn't a real life difference with or without one.

The X-Trans advantage reminds me of the telecentric advantage: real but marginal and easily overwhelmed by other factors.

Very well said.  The X-Trans sensor is a very real technology that does exactly what it was designed to do.  But it is of such minor, insignificant importance in real world shooting that virtually NO ONE would ever notice it.  That is why Fujifilm needs their hyped up marketing campaign and their super "sexy" X-Trans name.  Without the gimmicky marketing name, no one would even know about it.

That said, I really like how Fuji processes colour and tones.

Absolutely.  It's beautiful.  And it has NOTHING to do with the X Trans sensor.  Fujifilm colors are there, in spades, in their tiniest compact cameras up to their SLR's.

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