Conspiracy theorists unite

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John_A_G wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

John_A_G wrote:

A number of people in Pentax land have taken issue with my bashing the conspiracy theorists. It should warm your heart to know that you are not alone. The conspiracy is actually bigger than you think. You now have company in Canon land. It is confirmed that DPR not only conspires against Pentax, but also against Canon too. The DPR conspiracy against specific manufacturers must be stopped.

This way, valid complaints are drowned in the imaginary sea of conspiracy theories. Soon, nobody would dare to notice e.g. that the K-3 preview is well hidden, and doesn't link to the studio samples available since ages ago. Dare to point out about anything - doesn't matter what - and you'll be a conspiracy-loving lunatic.


Are you saying your conspiracy theory is valid but the Sony and Canon ones are not?

I will talk about my conspiracy theory as soon as I would formulate my first one. Don't hold your breath, though.

It is one thing to point out or question a mistake. It's something else to say there is a directed bias or conspiracy against a particular brand. They are two very different things.

And we need a Canon user on a crusade to help us make the difference?

I merely point out that people in other brands feel the same way you do - that DPR is maliciously trying to do injustice to their brand. Why are your accusations valid and theirs are not?

Are we discussing the points made by specific people (which should be on a case by case basis), or your strawman?


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