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Re: Touch focus

parallaxproblem wrote:

J Yohan wrote:

I tried my friends' MFT cameras with touch focus/release. Along with their fast AF, things felt impossibly easy. Touch where you want to focus, camera focuses, snaps. Done. No focus recompose, no moving focus points with buttons.

When NEX 6 came out, I think I read someone from Sony explain that NEX 6 is aimed at enthusiast who may be "beyond" touchscreen (i paraphrasing big time here).

But then again, why not add it? no one is forcing you to use it.

Now, I've had cameras (NEX 7, A7) which don't have touch screens. But if the AF on A6000 is as fast as they claim, I'd probably take advantage of the touch screen.

Yes, there are two totally different points in this thread that are getting confused

1. Do we want to use a touch-screen to control the menus and camera settings?

2. Do we find the touch-focus feature useful?

I personally am more happy pressing buttons to control menus and camera settings as I like the tactile feedback, so for me 'no' to point 1, but I don't want to deny that experience to others

I personally find the touch-focus feature incredibly useful. It was one of my principal reasons for choosing the NEX-5R over the NEX-6 and I don't regret that decision so 'yes' to point 2 for me

I agree that the resisitive touchscreen implementation on the NEX-5R is not as good as a capacitive one (though it does allow the use of gloves) but still find the feature very useful and the interface dialogue well managed making it easy and effective to use

I think if people tried touch-focus then most would like it... but then they may not be satisfied with their non-touchscreen camera afterwards

I think either or both are valuable.  I have the Metz 52 flash head for my NEX-6, and it has a very basic touch screen interface which I really like.  I wish they'd gone even further with it.


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