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Well I was really looking forward to X-T1 based on reviews.
But I am not enthused due to ergonomic deficiencies:

- the EV comp dial is too big and edge not chamfered enough. So its uncomfortable to hold camera / get chafing on index finger. It maybe my method of holding camera needs to be adjusted, but on X-E1/2 I had got into the habit of index finger reaching of EV comp dial to shutter.
- most buttons are recessed/too small. especially the 4 way controller.
- there is a small lip on LHS of LCD to allow it to be tilted. Unfortunately it catches side of my nose. It maybe noticeable as its not rangefinder style (EVF on left) that I have got used to. Also I notice the OMD SLR style cameras EVF sticks out further at back.
But I do like the EVF.

These complaints are a lot better than earlier Fuji complaints:

1. AF is crazy slow

2. RAW conversions are horrific. Why is Silkypix the only option?!

3. Why is this camera so sluggish to display pictures?

I think Fuji moved the EV dial because people complained about it moving inadvertently in bags with the earlier X cameras.

The buttons are smaller and recessed because the body is small and people complained about inadvertent presses. It sounds like Fuji over-reacted. Also, this is their first weather-sealed attempt. The X-T2 will probably be a lot better. Just need to wait two years....

Nr 2: Raw conversions are horrific. Why is Silkypix the only option?! ...

That's a lie. Or misunderstanding. Got both X-Pro1 and X100s.

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Yes lets start calling each other liars. The guy said earlier Fuji complains and indeed, there was only silky pix and nothing else, then the first raw in adobe was abysmal. I remember that very well.

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