E-M1 just back from repair - hmmm

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Roger of LensRentals talked about this...in his disruptive tech blog post

and IMO this is the *BETTER*, *CHEAPER*, and more *EFFECTIVE* way to do camera repair! It's also typically the Apple way of doing repair as opposed to the inundated PC ways some companies have. Lets think about it for a moment.

In this new model you get a new camera with far less downtime...its a win win for both you and Olympus. Olympus now gets to *collect* cameras with reported failures and spend all the time they want to analyze it as opposed to being on the clock to return it to you (which causes failures in servicing, poorer data analytics, and lower customer satisfaction). When Olympus collects batches of cameras that are swapped out, they can be analyzed for failure in a batch with the time necessary for it, diagnose and repair all of them in a more streamlined manner and then put them on the market as refurbs.

If you get a brand new camera and you have the *same* problem...again it tells both you and the manufacturer that there is a model-wide problem and it very quickly can be escalated based on again better data analytics compared to having to ship back the owners camera.

Any of you guys complaining about this method just aren't thinking out of the box...its really the way to go here. IMO it should be absolutely done for lenses as well!  Waah waah people will be crying that they lose their 'good' copy of their lenses...but if again they adopt this model, it means that eventually with better data analytics *more* people will have *better* lenses, which is far better than 1 person hoarding their 'best' copy lens when 4 others get pretty mediocre ones.

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