Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

Of course SLR's still dominate the photojournalist world.  What other type of camera provides the following:

* Robust camera bodies aimed at professionals taking their cameras everywhere from war zones to city council meetings

* High frame frames--up to 10 frames per second--to allow one to pick and choose the exact expression of someone on a podium you want to convey to your readers

* Dust and weather sealing on the body and lenses

* Insanely wide selection of professional grade lenses, flashes, wireless triggers, etc.

* Zero or near-zero shutter lag, viewfinder lag, and viewfinder blackout

* Extremely fast autofocus speeds and predictive autofocus to allow you to capture that critical moment

* Professional support services from the camera manufacturer including loaners, expedited repairs, etc.

Any given mirrorless camera/system may offer a few of these items, but only SLR's cover all of them.  It's nothing to do with mirrorless systems per se--you could meet all the above requirements with a mirrorless design, but nobody has done it so far.  As has been the case for professionals for the last forty years or more, it's not about the camera; it's about the entire ecosystem.

Frankly, I don't think this is an indictment of mirrorless cameras at all--it's just a fact that photojournalists aren't who the current crop of mirrorless cameras are aimed at.

- Jared

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