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Dan_168 wrote:

HarveyMiami wrote:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your insight.

I did not make myself clear. By oncamera flash, I was not referring to the little popup but the SB900. I shoot many events and don't have the option of going back to the 1D or ... I also do group photos of 50- 400 people and would like the higher resolution of Nikon.

If I went full frame Canon, I would have to buy new glass as most of mine is for APC. This makes changing brand a reasonable alternative.

I see, from my personal experiance, Nikon flash system is much easier to use and I got a lot better, more consistency performance out of the Nikon I have than the Canon I have, that's up to the D3+ SB800 vs 1DS3 + 580 EX time frame, I have never use my D800 for flash photo as that is my landscape only camera so no comment on that, but I don't think that will be any different from any high end Nikon in terms of flash system, however, I heard from other users saying the new Canon 600EX kind of closed the gap, I have friends using it on their 1D-X and 5D3 and they seemed to pretty happy with it, but I have no personal experience on that model, I found my old D3+ SB800 really easy to use and the result is very consistent and reliable.

The Canon 580EX II was a significant step forward for Canon Speedlites, and the 600EX-RT a significant refinement, as well as adding radio triggering. I used to envy Nikon shooters' low-light flash capability, until I bought a 580EX II, and then 600EX-RT Speedlites. That being said, I really like the Nikon SB-910, too, though I have not yet used it on a Nikon DSLR, just a Nikon A thus far. (A D800E is on my long-term wish list, for landscape shooting.)

since you mentioned high resolution, so I assumed you are aiming at the D800 not the D4, If you are going after the resolution, the D800 is hard to beat at the moment, but for events, as I said before, I personally much more prefer my Canon 1Ds3, or even a 5D3, to me the 5D3 is a more versatile camera than the D800, it's got a great AF system, the speed, the typical Canon skin tone (which I prefer over the Nikon), and I like the new 24-70L II and 70-200 F2.8 IS II better than the Nikon counterpart which I also own (or owned at one point), those were all my main event lenes...... lots to offer from Canon system in this area, but that's just my personal opinion, plenty of pros using both for all different kinds of paid jobs so they are definitely all capable of doing all those, so it 's all down to the individual's personal preference rather than the camera performance.

If the OP likes the the 7D ergonomics and controls, the 5D Mark III will be a very close match in that regard. The handling factor would seem important when shooting events. I find myself wanting to acquire a 5D Mark III, too! Wondering whether to prioritize the Canon or Nikon option is what has me reading threads such as this one.

I cannot add much more to this discussion, as my Nikon SLR camera are not digital; I mostly shoot with Canon 7D bodies. My chief mentor, my wife, is still happy with high-end DX bodies, so cannot offer advice on the D600/D610 or D800.

Well, to go back to ergonomics and controls for a moment, the D600/D610 are notably unfavorable for my hands, compared to the D800 body. The D800 has a more-hand-filling gripping area and the recessed area for the fingertips seems deeper and more secure, plus I prefer the Nikon "pro" controls, rather than the "consumer" controls of the D600/D610, borrowed from the D7000/D7100-series. Of course, these are individual factors; others's preferences will vary.

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