D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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People should take a breath and maybe a few pictures. All these cameras are awesome compared to anything available just a few years ago.

But, "for the masses"? Hardly.

You're wrong. Within Nikon's crop of full frame bodies, the D600 / D610 is the one that will have the widest appeal to most people. Factoring in size, price, sensor, AF, DR, IQ What other Nikon current FF do you think has a wider appeal?? Some of you like to argue for the sake of arguing.

The D610 may be a popular choice for many people getting into FX, but at the price point of $2K+ it can hardly be called "masses" as that spot would be taken by one of the lower tier DX cameras. Most people do not need FX at all, even the D7100 is more than most of the "masses" need. To most people, $800 is still a lot of money to spend on a camera.

Another fellow disagreeing for disagreeing sake. I clarified it above. The masses is "the populace" or a "great body of people" I've clarified twice that I meant within the Nikon full frame buying group of people. You know, as opposed to the bingo going, welfare type with a case of beer under their arm and a cigarette hanging out of the right corner of their mouth. Robert might be argumentative but you take it to the stupid side of arguing as well.

Well, why do you bother so much about that, agreeing, disagreeing, and so on? Masses in my dictionary should mean a very large group of people interested in photography. How many D600 or 6D, etc have been sold per year, compared, say, to D3200, D5100, 600D, etc? I just looked at the Amazon listings of bestsellers, all digital cameras.


6D is 38th, quite good actually, but well behind basic Canons and Nikons dslrs. 5D3 is 64th, D600 or D610 are not among top 100. So, the masses seem to be ignoring the D600 or D610. Is this relevant? No, it's not, you used the term, I just questioned that use, no big deal and not worth a debate IMO.

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