Conspiracy theorists unite

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Re: Good job...

awaldram wrote:

And those who note them are not crackpots, I do wonder at Johns 'investment' in discrediting other posters?

The "investment" is that people that post in terms of conspiracy theory discredit themselves.  It only looks silly to people here when it's someone from another brand doing it.  If DPR makes a mistake - by all means point it out.  But you lose credibility when you insinuate it is part of a malicious conspiracy against your brand.

Now if the same is true for other brands than that doesn't make a conspiracy but does maybe question DpR's relevance as a review site, as Mike pointed out they've become on gig advertorial with little to no 'News' delivered by their own journalistic endeavour.

Now, questioning the competence  of the DPR editorial staff as a whole is another matter.  I think it's perfectly valid to discuss and debate how useful and relevant the reviews are.  That's very different than suggesting DPR is "out to get" Pentax.

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