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Re: From Canon to Nikon

HarveyMiami wrote:

Have you gone from using Canon(7D or) to Nikon D600 or D800.

What are your feeling about sharpness? Do you still use unsharp mask?

Or is it not necessary?

On camera flash, is it more accurate?

Any other thoughts. I am thinking of going from the 7D to the D600 or D800

My 2c (like worth less than that): any camera at that level will produce outstanding images. USM is used according to image and taste, maybe the D800E, because of it's non-AA system, will produce slightly more detailed images ooc, but then you need to use them at full res for that, any resizing will likely require some extra USM. Flash, can't say much re comparisons, Nikon's is actually pretty good, at least you won't miss anything.

7D (crop) to FF, whatever model, will be an improvement in IQ, generally, but may see a loss in speed, depending on model chosen, and, if tele shooting is your thing, a loss in reach with same lens (except maybe with D800, which still produces a 16MP APS-C RAW file).

You need to see what are your main uses for a camera, if WA or midrange or tele shooting, if speed is an issue, etc, then decide. Also, a visit to the store and handling cameras is usually helpful.

Good luck, as I said above maybe 1c worth of comments .

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