Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

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Re: Too Funny.

Lee Jay wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Are you saying that "being social" is a good thing?

It typically is. It usually makes peoples lives more pleasant. Do you disagree?

There are of course very rare exceptions. There seem to be a few people who would rather be alone at all times. But those are incredibly rare, and probably due to a mental disorder.

Being alone is not the opposite of being social. I prefer small groups, like my family or groups up to four in size.

Being social can very well be in small groups. Yes you don't need to be alone to not be social, you only need to be interacting with people socially. The guy who doesn't talk to the checker at the store is not social even if there are many people around. The guy who does talk to the checker is being social, even if they are the only two present.

The idea of having hundreds of "friends" on social media or via gaming or something is about as attractive to me as getting diagnosed with an incurable disease.

Says the guy on an internet forum. HAHA

I find it incredibly interesting that you don't see the similarities between playing a game with people online or posting on social media - and discussing topics on a forums, such as you do here. There are hundreds of people on this site, you talk to many of them. It's no different. This is social media!

It's not social, it's technical. Huge difference. And these people aren't my friends.

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Lee Jay

If you were just reading posts and not posting you'd have a point. But by interacting you've made your presence here a social activity, even if it is only based around photography.

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