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These are some of your options in Vietnam

Terry Breedlove wrote:

Yep it was stolen by the taxi driver about 30 minutes after arriving. Along with the 17mm 1.8 that was on it. i still have my 45 and battery grip. I also have my Nikon F100 with me but i only brought ten rolls of Tri-x thinking that the little Oly would be my main camera. I shot the 10 rolls up and now i am using the Iphone 5s. I can not find film anywhere.

You don't say where in Vietnam you are, but I visit Vietnam several times every year and film can be bought almost anywhere in cities of a reasonable size, although b&w can be hard to find. Fujifilm Proplus II 200 and Kodak ColorPlus 200 are $2 per roll and are used by local pros, but it's really consumer film. Can't beat that price though.

Cameras are also cheap in Vietnam, and in the larger cities, you should be able to find an E-M5 and even an E-M10 easily. The best places are obviously HCMC (Saigon) and Hanoi, but smaller cities also have. Most camera shops are small hole-in-the-wall things, and in HCMC, they are easiest to find in the area between the large boulevard going from the Opera to the big market and the river in District 1.

There are lots of second hand cameras available in Vietnam, but be aware that some of them are stolen. You might even find your own if you look long enough.

I just shot Singapore Airshow with Nikon D300 and D2Xs. They didn't seem outdated to me. Neither is the E-M5.

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