Nikon D4 Assymetrical Problem Follow-up (February 2014)

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Re: Nikon D4 Assymetrical Problem Follow-up (February 2014)

surrephoto wrote:

elliotn wrote:

surrephoto wrote:

elliotn wrote:

surrephoto wrote:

  1. For the case of the D800, there was a service advisory regarding the problem so Nikon Subsidaries worldwide are able to work on the problem

I don't think that's true.

To sum it up, the Nikon way of handling customers;

*_Customer detects a problem or defect_*.
*_Nikon declares item to be within factory standard_*.
*_Nikon declares that they aren't able to do anything more since item is within factory standard_*.
*_Customer demands are deemed to be unreasonable_*.

That's a good summing up. Time to move on.

I cannot say for certain, but im quite sure there was an internal advisory to the service centres, along with new software, tests charts & procedures to "improve" or "enhance" the D800 to "customer satisfaction levels".

There is no internal advisory. There is no new software, no test charts, no new procedures. This is all fantasy generated by online forums (this one, in particular).

You have to be very sure or not make such a claim. It really sounds like u are out to prevent the dissemination of the issue and solutions related to the Nikon D800/D4 asymmetrical AF problem.

Now i have become suspicious about you Elliot.

We should all be suspicious of each other on a forum like this one. Truth is Nikon Service Centres are black boxes and none of us really know what's going on.

The only reason I claim that there's no advisory / special procedure for fine-tuning the D800, is because I've been sending my D800 back and forth to a Nikon Service Centre, and they've seemed totally unable to resolve the Left AF problem.

Until now, that is. I just picked up my current D800 body from Nikon, after it's third trip to the Service Centre. To my surprise quick tests suggest that they might have finally fixed it. Liveview and PDAF seem to match for both left and centre AF sensors. The daylight has gone now - I'll do some more thorough tests tomorrow and report back.

If they have fixed it, I apologise. I was wrong and there obviously is a special procedure. The question then is how to invoke it.

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