Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Pixel Police? Why, I thought...
5 were describing the high-waistband types that decry and bemoan any reckless ramp-up of pixel count. A tale as old as Polaroids and protecting your sod from the trampling feet of neighborhood children, dontcha know.

Why, one might assume them digital whatzits are near inoperable by now, due to massive noise brought about by impulsive refining of the pixel matrix. Not dissimilar to the legions of film devotees that (still) believe digital is the Devil's Business.

Well brother, it's time to open your heart to salvation and hear the Good news. The big secret here is this: If you prefer a lower MP camera, you can still use one.

In the words of Lady Gaga herself, 'I know, right?' I mean, sure, some reefer smokers may fall prey to higher MP models that turn out images that aren't multicolored barf-fests of pixel trash. BUT. Not a one of these radical rez loonies and their high falootin' contraptions with crazy sensors (as high as 12MP!!) can control or police what you use...unless you let them.

Oh, sure. Some of these progressive pixel cultists might spout nonsense about advantages of higher density sensors, or spread filthy lies about relatively 'good' noise performance of new generations. If you want to call that being POLICED, well, I'd say you're a bit sensitive.

So... Do you police your lawn from encroaching kids, much?

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