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Nightmare camera

RXcliff wrote:


Im new to this website and i have a question. What would be your dream camera, if you had the chance to piece different parts of cameras into one body?

Any camera will do, really.  The real "dream" is to have time and opportunity to select, shoot, and compose content.

Freud's followers would have something to say about persistent dreams about camera bodies with spectacular protrusions.  But they would also consider photography in general as a neurotic sub-type.

mine would be a compact camera size like the sony rx100ii with an APS-C sensor like in the new sony a6000, with a 50x zoom range like in the sony hx300, with a constant 2.8 aperture fixed lens found in the sony rx10.

A nightmare combination.  It would have to be the size of a piece of field artillery and cost as much as a house.  Yes, like some earth-thundering Jurassic or Cretaceous monster.  Hear it shrieking?  Here it comes.  Aaaargh. Pray you wake up fast!  Exorcise the demon!

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