Who is at fault for the waxy skin tones? Locked

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trying to beat the test charts

mistermejia wrote:

Is it Fuji itself ?? Or could this be a SABOTAGE thing from the sensor maker itself??

Does Fuji actually make this sensors, or do they buy them from Sony or someone else? I am just curious because i CAN'T believe that the jpegs are changing so much with the new sensors, i couldn't possibly believe that Fuji is just bypassing or ignoring this skin tone issue.

I just moved from nikon to get away from plastic looking skin tones, and Fuji's new cameras are all coming out like this now??? I don't get it.

I noticed lately it's been a trend among manufacturers using very aggressive noise reduction even at low ISOs. Everybody is employing adaptive algorithms nowadays separating areas with low special frequencies and reducing color saturation and cranking up the noise reduction in those. Every manufacturer gets different results, and they are all ugly. It's just Fuji was especially unlucky with their noise reduction algorithms producing very noticeable plastic looks.

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