slow transfer speed of videos in Sony PJ760

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Re: slow transfer speed of videos in Sony PJ760

terrylau wrote:

I find it quite a hassle and time consuming process to copy videos taken with my Sony 760 camcorder to either SD card ,flash drive , laptop or external hardisc .

"Internal memory" is a selling point, but offers no real practical advantage over 1 (or better 2) slots for SDXC cards.  If the camera is lost or malfunctions, anything left on internal memory can be a curse.

This camcorder have internal memory of 96GB , which is good for 8 hr to 12 hr of video in full HD mode (1920x1080) depending on the bit rate selected but backing up will take at least half the time .

You probably thought this "nice" when making the purchase.

It is better than real time but still too long .

Ask why few (or no) cameras have USB3 ports!

Of course this problem is not Sony alone ,so I am now more inclined to use external SD card for taking videos.

The industry has been slow to consider USB3 ports, perhaps because some buyers never use all the 96GB of internal memory or do anything other than plug the camera to the HDTV and watch the unedited video that way, over and over again.  96GB probably is enough to capture more toddler or family vacation shots than most care to see, and Sony (and others) would probably like you to upgrade cameras every 24 months or so!

The internal memory need to be emptied for new videos once it is full but the menu system of the camcorder and slow transfer speed do not make the process easy . I also look forward to the day when USB 3.0 is used instead of USB2.0

More likely, cameras will be sold with no internal memory.  If 4k XAVC camcorders become common, 96GB will cease to seem like abundant memory.  New generation, high price external cards will be more remunerative to sell too.

Any suggestions much appreciatedhe

Treat the internal memory as your "reserve" only, or don't record more to the internal memory than you can conveniently copy via USB2.

You don't want to hear how long it took to copy a mere 1GB from Memory Stick to HDD via USB1!


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