XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

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Re: XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

I'm coming from a D3s and a D800e.  I really like the camera in general, but there are a couple things that bother me so far.

The biggest is the location of the AF-L button.  It's right above the rear thumb grip protrusion, which makes it really hard to hit with my thumb while holding the camera.  I wish I could swap it with the AE-L button (which is perfectly placed for my desired use) or assign the AF-L functionality to the front function button.  This is pretty significant for me because I use the back button focus method.

The second thing I have noticed is the continuous autofocus never seems to lock or settle on something.  If you point it at a stationary object, the focus will constantly shuffle back and forth between front focusing and rear focusing on the object.  My Nikons will get into focus and then stop until the camera or object moves.  It's not the end of the world, but it does make the continuous autofocus hard for me to use.

I think I may buy the battery grip too.  I have large hands and the camera may be slightly too small.  I will play with it for a bit to see if I can find a way to hold it that won't give me hand cramps or have me accidentally hitting buttons.

Im looking forward to RAW support in Capture One and Lightroom so I can really see if this camera will do what I hope.  The size and weight is great for a camera that could be carried with you.  The Nikon stuff is more polished and perform ant, but  it requires a dedicated photo outing for me to lug it all around.

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