X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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NEX 5n and X-E1 side by side ...

In my testing Sony NEX5N in most cases produced sharper images with better colors and contrast in good light than Fuji X-E1. In poor light Fuji has a heavy red-brown tint, while Sony has yellow-green tint. Both cameras need serious color correction. Fuji has also poor red reproduction, it's even visible on test charts, in real life reds lose detail and turn color of fresh blood. Fuji also produces discoloration of small details, but sometimes even relatively large image fragments get wrong color, I've had one image of yellow wooden chips on red pavement turned red on Fuji images. Fuji is typically 1 stop behind in sensitivity, requiring 2x ISO for the same exposure, so after adjusting pictures for brightness, contrast, and color the noise is pretty much equal on both cameras (after all they use the same sensor), though the structure of noise is different.

Here are some side by side images: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/4489424077/albums/fujifilm-x-e1-vs-sony-nex5n

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