What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Re: A Pro makes money...

Tone Row wrote:

MysteryLemon wrote:

A professional photographer is someone who gets paid for taking photographs.

The word professional doesn't take into account what quality their work is. It just means that they get paid for it.

You could be an athlete in that you train daily and take part in events and competitions but you only become a professional athelete when someone sponsors you and you get paid for taking part in events and competitions.

The same goes for photographers.

I see shocking work from some people who I wouldn't even class as a photographer, but they are right to call themselves a professional photographer because someone out there is stupid enough to pay for their work.

Wow, didn't know the bar was so low into the world of "professional". Last weekend I grilled hot dogs for my daughter's school carnival and people paid money for them, which means I'm now a professional chef!!!!!!!

Are you paid to be stupid too? Or do you do that for fun?

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