Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Manimiya scores 2% at W.P.C.

find these statistics interesting but I would hardly say that the mirrorless was spanked at the World Press Photo Comp. These statistics say more about the World Press photographers than quality of the cameras. That Canon and Nikon score so highly is not surprising, but I find it remarkable that Mamiya scores 2% - a score which correlates very little with Mamiya's actual market share overall.

Is it surprising that mirrorless cameras have not scored highly in the world press competition? No not really. It shows, that as a group the press photographers have not widely adopted mirrorless. One could question whether more will. I am sure they will. And one could ask why they have not so far adopted these cameras.

A number of reasons occur. Some reasons are with the cameras and their features. One issue comes to mind: since when have there been serious professional mirrorless cameras on the market, sufficiently robust to take the punishment of press photographers work life? A second issue is how and in which way doe these cameras excel in such a way that a photographer is going to replace his main tool? And all his lenses.

From what a number of photography bloggers, who are themselves professional photographers albeit not press photographers per se, have written, they are impressed by the quality of the Fuji offerings and the Olympus OMD1 – so I am sure these cameras will find their way eventually into the press photography space (or what is left of it, being replaced by iphone toting copy reporters).

Some posters have compared the introduction of mirrorless with the quicj success of digital in the press space. But there is a big difference: the business case – there was especially for press photography a very strong business case for going digital. That and the option to keep ones existing lenses – augmenting them by some wide lenses due to the crop factor of the early digital SLR. Going digital was a no-brainer and actually a business necessity for press photographers quite early on. I do not see a similarly compelling business case for switching to mirrorless.

So I do not foresee a rapid move to mirrorless in the press field. As new photographers enter the field, and others need to replace their equipment mirrorless will trickle into this space but it will be an evolution rather than a revolution.

So the statistics shown do not surprise me. Other than Mamiya's 2%

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