X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

nick_webster wrote:

I used a NEX 5n and X-E1 the other day back to back and I have to say I didn't find any real difference between the RAWs proceeded via Aperture. Lack of AA filter is supposed to provide more detail - but I don't see any. It it weren't for the EXIF data I doubt if I could tell one from the other.

I don't shoot much that would show moire so can't fairly compare that aspect.

To be clear I find both excellent - if not identical in output

Has anyone else seen any differences compared with other 16MP APS sensors - in RAW, I'm not talking about each manufacturer's jpg engines.

Not trying to stir up hard feelings, I'm genuinely curious. It might be that Aperture isn't best optimised for Fuji's RAWs, but then the same may also be said for it's renderings of Sony's cameras


There are certainly differences. Firstly it is possible the images were the same because the lens was not using the whole of what the sensor can actually resolve. Sticking a lens on the Fuji like the 60mm and it creates astounding detail. Exceedingly sharp ! The drawback is the watercolour effect which is often very evident in landscapes. This can be cured using better programs that do a better job than my lightroom 4 does. Although sharpness and detail are fine, as are most subjects. I have yet to see any moire, so that certainly works. Moire in my D7100 is a different story and I wish they had used an AA filter. The Fuji seems to have a quality all of its own. It seems to render lovely tones that appeals to me. So its hard to say which is best. Just down to personal taste at the end of the day. Fuji designed the Xtrans to reduce moire. That works without question.

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