D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

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Re: Real men don't need pop up flash attitude

Robin Casady wrote:

What D4? I have a D800E as I said.

Apologies for the assumption.

Try using a Rokinon 24mm tilt-shift lens. Try mounting a Nikon PB-4 Bellows. Because the pop-up flash hangs out further over the lens mount, it requires more space before it can be mounted on a view camera for macro or for stitched landscapes.

If the flash didn't stick out so far I could use wider lenses and still reach infinity focus.

Sure - get it. However that's not a typical use case even for most advanced amateurs and most likely for even pros.

Why do you assume that I want it for family snapshots? Rather presumptuous - since you don't know me. As I said I don't use it but I have no issues that its there on my D800E. However my point is why doesn't Nikon make it useful? Wouldn't you like it if they actually were able to innovate and make it useful?

"I use D700 for family photos." was the first thing you said in the OP.

That was the OP - not me.

How would Nikon make it useful to pros and serious amateurs?

I don't know - that's a design problem for the Nikon engineers to solve. However there was a Panasonic 4/3rd SLR a while ago which had a tilt flash which could be used as a bounce flash. Also currently after the flash is raised - it points straight ahead. If there was an additional hinge which allowed it to rotate it could also be used as a bounce flash. If the potential D5 users do not demand innovations in this area - Nikon will just take the easy path of not including it.

You have to move the flash significantly off camera to avoid the problems with on-camera flash. How would you make it:

  • Provide lighting usable to a pro or serious amateur?

The pop up flash is never going to replace the external flash for a pro or a serious amateur. What does need to happen is to make it useable in more situations than what it currently is.

  • Small enough not to interfere with the lens mount?

The lens mount is far from the pop up flash - it does not interfere with the lens in the D800E (other than for a rare use case that you have - majority of users will likely be OK to let go use cases like yours in order to get a more useable pop up flash ).

  • Strong enough to withstand challenging field work?

I can compare only the D3s that I had - and my D800E/D800 pair. However I never got an impression that the D3s was much different than the D800 in terms of withstanding challenging field work. I don't see how a pop up flash can significantly affect that. Also many of those pros currently use the D800E in exactly those conditions without significantly higher problems.

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