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ravduc wrote:

I agree. Mine were also removed and all I did was express a need for us to compromise and accept each other's choices so as to reestablish some kind of civility in this forum. I don't understand why they got deleted. Makes me really wonder why anyone would want to remove this kind of comment.

Boy, anyone old enough to remember Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver? Natural-born trouble maker who kissed all of the kids' parents butts. But they finally saw right through him for who he was.

Or how about the guy in high school who was always in on the mischief but somehow NEVER got in trouble. He was the smooth-talker with the teachers and was just unbelievably lucky in his ways. But the day finally came when the teachers caught onto his act, they finally realized that in every skirmish or mischief, HE was always involved and was actually at the center of things. It was then obvious that removing him from his circle of friends instantly reduced the group's antics.

Ah, dems were the days.


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