Shooting in Varanasi with the X-Pro1

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Re: thanks for the feedbacks

Sebks wrote:

Hi Doss,

Thanks for the kind comment. You raise an interesting question regarding paying for a picture.

My position is to kindly ask before taking it. Most of the time they ("real" holy men) will just accept, and in some cases they will ask for a few rupees.

If they ask I always give them a small amount (between 20 to 100 rupees), depending on what I have in my pocket at the moment.

I find it absolutely normal to do so because:

- They're giving me fun by letting me take their pics, fair enough if they can get a good diner in exchange.

Perhaps, then give them a good dinner in exchange!

- I'm making in one month much more than they will in one year, and as a tourist I have to contribute to the local cash inflows.

What if you contribute more to those who beg for a living rather than work? What if you knew some 'holy men' make much more in one month from begging than some dalits make in a year from hard work?

Why would it make me uncomfortable?

Me uncomfortable, not you! I have seen many extremes of photographer/tourist:begger/holyman interactions. Good and bad. I don't know you to judge.

Sharon Stone and Justin Bieber get cash as well for their pictures

a handful of rupees?

Best regards,

Thanks Seb, respect your opinion and view.

Just some food for thought to your comments above. If you wish then I'll happily debate further, but I don't want to highjack your thread with a moral debate on the pro's & cons or  imply you have not considered these things already. If I can judge you by your photos I'd say you are a savvy traveler. I'd guess you are at ease with your subjects, you obviously engage and I would presume you also give them a smile & respect (which IS the truest of payments).

To reiterate: I look forward to seeing more of your work

Cheers, Doss

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