Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: small thing: not 2002, but 1997 maybe

Eamon Hickey wrote:

Jim Salvas wrote:

I suspect a similar chart from 2002 would have had a 2% slice for digital cameras and there would be some fool loudly proclaiming that "digital got spanked."

Your point is well-taken, but I'd adjust the date backwards about 5-6 years. Digital cameras were already in very widespread use among news photographers by 2002.

Digital cameras first made a significant impact on news photography in 1994 when the Kodak NC2000 began shipping. Associated Press photographers were the first to go into the field with it and several of them made important and award-winning pictures with NC2000s starting that year and the next. Adoption of digital cameras by the news media was very fast after that.

Digital cameras offered a huge advantage to photojournalists because there is almost delay from the time the picture is taken to when it can be made available. Film requires processing, which can be more time consuming than is desirable. Often the person who gets the picture to the editor first is the one who gets paid.
What the OP is conveniently ignoring is that photojournalists, and most pro photographers, really, are, for the most part, tied to one of two camera companies by their lens investment, which is something not lightly given up, considering the cost of replacement.

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