X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: Moire problems ...

For me, the x trans X-E1 is far beter image quality than my 5D MKII was, and really, it's not even close to me.    Open a 5D2 raw cr2 file and turn sharpening all the way off.  When I first did this I was shocked at how much smearing the AA filter does.  That is not blur from the lens and sensor, they are DOING THAT ON PURPOSE!!!    And then trying to minimize the damage with software sharpening.

For me, I see a HUGE difference in sharpness with the X trans.  It is in some way, REAL sharpness, not phony sharpness that tries to undo damage that has already been done to the image by using software sharpness.  For me the difference from the 5D2 is shocking and wonderful  I will NEVER buy another body with an AA filter again, NEVER!!!

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