XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

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Re: XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

I've only managed to hold a borrowed XT1 for a few minutes of hand-holding, so I can't address any button-size/placement/etc issues.

I will say that, although there are at least a couple of "wrong" ways to hold a camera, I recognize there are probably more than one "right" way to hold one. But the Fuji EV comp dials are thumb wheels to me, on every Fuji X-series camera I've had, used or held. I spin the EV dial with my thumb. Can't imagine holding the camera in a way any other finger would get used.

I've had other cameras with more frontally-mounted dials, where index or middle finger would be used to turn the dial. But a rear-mounted shutter or EV dial gets my thumb...

justin_time wrote:

...But I am not enthused due to ergonomic deficiencies:

- the EV comp dial is too big and edge not chamfered enough. So its uncomfortable to hold camera / get chafing on index finger. It maybe my method of holding camera needs to be adjusted, but on X-E1/2 I had got into the habit of index finger reaching of EV comp dial to shutter.

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