X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: Good luck with your choice

nick_webster wrote:

I've gone with Fuji just because the APS sensor is a better "fit" for my old MF lenses and although I've been very happy with the quality of files from my NEX I have struggled with its interface. The X-T1 and to a lesser extent the X-E1 have old fashioned knobs and I was brought up fiddling with knobs

A big plus for Fuji is the ergos (imo). The extra stop of DoF control from sensor size is a key plus, IMO.

Also Fuji do some very nice lenses. Overall bigger than the m4/3s system but not enough to trouble me.

No long zooms though, and I like long zooms. On the other hand, m4/3rds have no good long zooms (at the moment). The good ones m4/3rds is planning to sell look large to me. So it is a wash for size.

Sorely tempted by the A7 or 7r as it would be even better to use my MF lenses at their native focal length, but have resisted so far - plus I don't need anywhere near that many MP for my modest prints.

I'm mobile. Size is a big deal for me. Love FF IQ. Hate the size. FF mirrorless lenses will be too big for me. Normal FF lenses are far too big (for me).

SaltLakeGuy has just jumped ship from m4/3s and I seem to remember him being pretty happy ...

I've been watching ...

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