Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

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Re: Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

Morris Sullivan wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Both are terrible "investments". No camera or video game equipment ever appreciates in value.

The gear is not what appreciates, it's the photos that often do. If not monetarily, at least emotionally.

I think it all comes down to individual preferences. I like photography but I am just not the kind of person who will go out and take photos for the sake of taking photos. If I'm not going to an event I want to capture the camera stays home. But I do love video games, because for the cost of 5-6 track days in my car or on my bike, I can have a home rig that will let me "drive" pretty much any car I want on any car I want whenever I want for as long as I want. Does it rival the actual experience of driving? Obviously not completely, but it's been a close enough substitute to keep me interested for a while now.

Video games are great, but they are like much like alcohol. They can make an evening fun, but the next day you've got nothing more than memories. Neither are going to make a long term improvement in your life. Just short term fun.

Sometimes short term fun is all that's needed. Plus video games won't give you a hangover.

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