X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: That's interesting

nick_webster wrote:

I don't use high ISO much and the tests I've done were all at base ISO.

Can't see any reason why the X-Trans sensor should be any better than a similar sensor with a Bayer CFA, perhaps Fuji's processing is better ?


I think it's important to remember that an X-Trans sensor isn't just a differently patterned version of Bayer.  It actually contains considerably more green pixels compared to Bayer. This not only makes an X-Trans sensor have slightly higher sensitivity to light (green pixels are the most light sensitive) but could be a factor in the different colour response or 'look' of the X-trans sensor.  That said, it's probably a subtle difference at best.  I think most people on the Fuji bandwagon are more drawn by the body design, lenses and first class support/updates from Fuji than they are the CFA design.


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