D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Re: D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

Shotcents wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Can't get into replying to the troll.

Thing is a D610 is a camera for the masses. Same as the VW bug was in it's day, a 6 cyl Mustang as opposed to a V8, a 600cc snowmobile.

They are not meant to be the best of anything. Just an affordable option for those that can't / won't spend the money on the top tier ones, or don't need the feature set of them. Same goes for household appliances, furniture, computers, clothing, and just about anything else you can buy.

Affordable, reasonable amount of features, never top of the line. Nothing wrong with that. And a perfect camera for those whose requirements match the features offered. High enough mp for most, good DR, light weight, U1 and U2 modes, reasonable AF.

Hardly required a thread insulting those that bought it.

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Photography - I do it for passion, not for a buck! It's just better that way.

I, and many others, are not interested in D600 / D610, VW bugs or solid-rear axle pony car.

We want better.

The D800 is the best Nikon hi-res DSLR currently available.

The D4 is the best Nikon low light and action DSLR currently available.

The Df is the best and smallest/lightest/quietest low light DSLR currently available.

The D610 is not the best at anything, but it's cheap.

NOTHING above is subjective. 100% factual. Adding something subjective, the D610 is also the cheapest feeling DSLR. The D800 is somewhat better while the Df and D4 are the best. The Df clearly has the best quality control with virtually zero issues reported. D4 is right behind it. The D6XX and D800 have been horrible for QC as we all know.

D610 is plain vanilla. Some folks like that. They want to be part of the masses.

And some want better and skip the D610.


Hi Robert,

I have been comparing the D610 and the D800 to buy in the next month or so. I discounted

the Df, not on price but, because I want the video option and I use my wireless remote all the


In terms of facts, I quote people smarter than me:

The excellent "Simon Stafford" found that: D610 has the edge

over the D800 in higher ISO performance and that

Sensor performance matches the D800.

Dxo labs found these two cameras had most dynamic range

out of the 251 cameras tested, which includes several Phase

One cameras.

So not even the memory eating D800 has better Dynamic Range!

Best mix of features, weight and cost.

To a landscape photographer, the DR is the one feature you can't have

enough of. You can see where my cash is going...

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