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Re: Stolen in Vietnam?

Terry Breedlove wrote:

We arrived at the hotel and he unloaded the luggage. All accept the small backpack that had my camera in it. He took off like a rocket. We called him he came back handed me the backpack and again took off like a rocket. At least he left me my Nikon f100. The Oly EM-5 with the 17mm f 1.8 attached to it was gone. I still have my 45mm battery grip and four extra batteries.

That is really unfortunate and maddening to lose your camera right at the start of your trip. I have extensive travel experience and knock-on-wood I have never lost any of my stuff to thieves, but I have learned to be always aware of my surroundings and never let my stuff alone. That includes while getting out of a taxi. I don't stand outside the taxi pulling out money either. I get the money ready while still sitting in the taxi. I make sure that I have the most important stuff in my hands or on my body and the rest (such as a backpack) in the seat next to me (not in the trunk) and as I step out the door I stand right next to the open taxi door and get it out and loop my arm or leg through a shoulder strap to make sure someone on the side of the road doesn't grab something while I am distracted dealing with the taxi driver. It is just one of the reasons that I had always wanted smaller/lighter gear for travel. The E-M5 finally came along giving me most of the benefits of a DSLR, but smaller and lighter. Easier to keep things close when you don't have big, heavy bags.

Are you trying to find a replacement camera while in Vietnam? I suppose in Saigon and Hanoi you can find something, but don't know about prices.

Henry Richardson

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