What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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MysteryLemon wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

MysteryLemon wrote:

A professional photographer is someone who gets paid for taking photographs.

Once again - this might be true for the US but not for Germany!

In Germany, it is not about money at all!

"Photographer" is a recognized occupation requiring formal training, it takes years of training and school, passing tests and taking examinations, before I am allowed to call myself a "photographer", a professional.

I could make a million a year with my photography; without a photographer's diploma issued by a chamber of commerce I am not a photographer, just an "amateur photographer"!

No matter in what field, you won't become a "pro" over here by just doing something successfully or making money by doing it; to be allowed to call yourself a "pro ...." it always takes training, tests, examinations, time and sweat and money to get there.

I think our system is o.k.; only that way I can be sure that e.g. the plumber, the electrician or whomever I might need to fix something in my house is a pro who delivers (expensive!) quality work and not some amateur, whose maybe lousy (but less expensive) job might result in my house being flooded or burnt down one day.


That's how it should be.

I'm in the UK though and here, anyone can pick up a camera with no qualification or training and setup a studio or go and shoot a wedding. They are classed as a Professional because they get paid for doing that job.

I could imagine over here this would come to a very quick end as soon as the real "pro" on the other end of town would learn about it! All it would probably take is one phone call to the chamber of commerce, lol!

That doesn't mean I couldn't go and shoot the wedding of a good friend, just to do him a favour, but it would be against the law if I pretend being a pro (without being one), to make/and make money that way.


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