X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Re: Moire problems ...

nick_webster wrote:

As I said I don't photograph much with clothing in it which is, I guess, the main source of moire.

Have you done any back to back testing against the X-Trans or are you just going on experience ?

I'm not seeing any more detail which makes me curious whether that is just down to the rendering from Aperture, or whether there really isn't a real life difference with or without one.


The difference between AA and non AA is pretty subtle. Most likely to see it in very small details. X-Trans just mitigates *some* of the moire risk due to the CFA layout, but otherwise, it's theoretically the same resolution as a non AA Bayer CFA.

Advantage of non AA: sharper details

Disadgantage of nin AA: moire risk

Advantage of X-Trans CFA: less moire risk

Disadvantage of X-Trans CFA: weak RAW support

If you're seeing the same results between AA and non AA, then either you aren't looking hard enough, or have a sharper lens on the AA'd camera. But seriously. It's subtle. It's pixel peeping. It's really not a big deal.

I notice a difference, but it's far from what makes me happy with my camera(s).

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