D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Re: D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

better and skip the D610.


Robert... Just as many, many other users have already told you in the other (now locked) thread... You have become really pathetic, you reached a new low, you flushed yourself down the toilet, you have no credibility whatsoever.
Why don't you just look at yourself in the mirror and understand you are wrong? You are sounding like the guy going the wrong way on the highway and thinking: "Oh look, everybody's going the wrong way!"
One word I would use to describe your behavior would be "ridiculous"
If you are so happy with your equipment and are so utterly convinced that it's the best out there, just go out, use it, and please stop filling these forums with your cr@ppy threads. Nobody needs them, trust me.
Sorry, it's just like that. Face reality like a grown up should, please.


Unfortunately, being stupid is not against the law. Ergo, as long as he doesn't violate forum rules, he is allowed to do anything else he pleases here including intentionally starting inflamatory threads, posting pure BS, and presenting a gallery that would embarrass/humiliate any sane, rational photographer, including Stevie Wonder. It's a free, public forum and so he will continue on his merry way. Your post and now mine will draw his wrath, I'm sure.


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