Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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That time is coming sooner than you think.

What performance parameter has even the remote chance of surpassing a DSLR?

The only one possibly is on sensor AF against flappy mirror and FPS because of flappy mirror. DSLR will go to live view and have the same technology on chip AF because it can push the flappy mirror out of the way. But DSLR still has an optical viewfinder as well as a digital one? What advantage could mirrorless have. It will always be lacking, lacking the option to see what is coming through the lens with no pixels, delay.

Somebody else was saying this about on sensor AF, that a DSLR will have both since they have the OVF and LV. Hey, if you want to use a 15fps burst rate while not being able to use a VF, be my guest. Then there's the cost factor, you will be paying for a DSLR with two different AF systems built in. My mirrorless camera will only have one. Manufacturers don't give stuff away, if it's in the camera they will make you pay.

The day a DSLR has an OVF and an EVF, it will be without a disadvantage. Until then, at best, it's a trade-off that is ever moving in favor of mirrorless.

So far it looks manufacturers are charging extra for removing the mirror box and complicated optical viewfinder....about 15 fps or faster - aren't you getting close to video territory: at 24 fps you are videographer, not photographer anymore...

Some of us don't practice 'spray and pray' photography.....and real action will always look better on video anyway, so why bother...

Exactly. It's like saying a Ferrari is no good because it doesn't have an ashtray.

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