Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: The inexorable march of time leaves the obsolete in its wake.

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it really doesn't matter what the world press comp. thinks---mirrorless will replace mirrors like jets replaced propellers.

Jets replaced propellers because of improved speed, and performance. Mirrorless has yet to do that. Don't hold your breath.

That time is coming sooner than you think.

What performance parameter has even the remote chance of surpassing a DSLR?

My mirrorless cameras have been able to shoot sustained full resolution RAW+JPEG bursts (more than 40 frames) at 60fps, and they've done this for more than a year. What DSLR has that kind of performance? It even does tracking/refocusing between frames at up to 15fps. What DSLR does that?

My 7D can take bursts of 7 or 8 in a short time I believe. I have just never used it! Just like most people with any sort of camera.


The only one possibly is on sensor AF against flappy mirror and FPS because of flappy mirror. DSLR will go to live view and have the same technology on chip AF because it can push the flappy mirror out of the way. But DSLR still has an optical viewfinder as well as a digital one? What advantage could mirrorless have. It will always be lacking, lacking the option to see what is coming through the lens with no pixels, delay. Or it will do the same thing mirrorless does by pushing the mirror out of the way. Once you understand that, you will understand why the decrease in sales of mirrorless in the US.

US buyers are willing to carry around a little extra weight (the majority of them) to have a superior camera.

Sure, that's what my D800/D7100 are for, but when I want performance ...

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