Why 'more or less stopped using ISO'?

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Re: Maybe this will help.

The CIE has published the CIECAM02 Color Appearance Model, which includes a calculations to estimate brightness, "Q".

Yes, but I do not see it useful. Things (like the simplest one, monitor characterization and profiling) are not improved.

You need not only the absolute luminance of the stimulus, but also a whole host of other things, including a characterization of the viewing conditions, the eye's state of adaption, etc. The perception of brightness is affected by many factors.

There is a Photoshop-style plugin that works with most image editors that accept plugins. It will let you play around with all the factors and estimate lightness, brightness, colorfulness, saturation, & chroma:

CIECAM02 Plugin

Try a direct experiment and see how the predictions from this hypothesis match results from controlling shooting conditions. They are so far apart it is not even funny.

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