D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Re: D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

Shotcents wrote:

OK - if you say that the DF is the best and smallest/lightest low light DSLR (no argument) ....then by that logic...stay with me here... Then:

The D610 is the smallest/lightest high resolution/high DR DSLR currently available!

Actually the smallest highest resolution camera from Nikon is the D800.

...and some folks are not pompous jerks who look down on people who can't afford to spend $3K on a camera. For most people, even the D610 is a major stretch. Yes, due to your extreme narcissism, we all know money is no object to you - you have a Rolex, a sailboat, can single hand a 70 foot sailboat, are going to spend $60K on a car, you are a pro, have lots of pro friends and contacts at B&H and Adorama, blah, blah, blah... Funny thing is that most truly wealthy people I've met don't feel a need to tell everyone about all their stuff....

It's funny, but if you actually look you will find that I never called anyone names or said anything mean-spirited about cameras or the people who used them, until they did!

Ahhh, the old "he started it" bit! Sadly it's true.

The attacks on a certain camera and the folks who bought them have been constant here. It did not start with me. The previous group of Df threads were started by others. Before I entered any of them the attacks began. Check for yourself.

Now that I've bloodied the nose of the D610, many are crying FOUL! Hey, you can't put down MY purchase, but I can put down yours!

Oh, and I'm NOT wealthy and never said I was. I own a sailboat, not a mega yacht. 60K is not expensive for a car these days. I don't own a Rolex; never said that I did. I do have friends at camera shops and I work with pros in the business, as do many others. I have a friend who works for Nikon as well. I haven't painted you a picture; you've just made assumptions.

I don't think the D600/610 is junk, but I do think it's a lousy value compared to a D800. And once you buy a D800, A Df adds more capability to a kit than a D610.

Please explain what reasons do you think the D610 is lousy value in comparison to the D800 and by implication the DF? And precisely in what ways does the DF add more capability to a kit than a D610?

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