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Re: Wifi with any camera, and the OM10 option

digifan wrote:

Why is the E-M5 outdated.

The sensor is still very good imo. The latest firmware gives the much needed smaller AF area, and Wifi can be had on any camera by usung EYE-FI or WIFI SD cards, I use Toshiba Flash air and WIFI-SD from Transcend, working like a charm even on the "ancient" E-P1.

So what's left to want. A better sensor or on sensor AF?

I think the E-M10 is very nice if you need a camera now, it's relatively cheap and has all the benefits except WS.

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Thanks for the tip, Digifan. Instant WIFI without waiting for an update to my E-M5. Here's a link for others interested: http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Flash-Wireless-Memory-PFW032U-1BCW/dp/B00GEBTH80/ref=sr_1_14?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1392990500&sr=1-14&keywords=wifi+sd

An interesting thread, a lot of good info. Also great to read the take of one poster who's used both the E-M1 and E-M5, and how he came back to using the 5 after several months of using both.

As another poster said, Olympus really did hit it out of the park with the E-M5. It struck me at the time like a hail Mary pass with the seconds ticking down on which the company's very future hinged. And it worked!

I waited almost a year hoping for a price drop to no avail, but jumped at a deal on Black Friday 2012 when GetOlympus inadvertantly sold a number of reconditioned E-M5's with 12-50mm lenses at dealer cost of $750. Sale lasted literally about an hour before they realized what had happened and pulled it. They earned my respect and eternal gratitude for honoring it.

Love my E-M5, and feel for you going through withdrawal.

I get your quandary, reconditioned E-M5 for $650 or new E-M10 for $700, tough one. At this point in time, with an updated E-M5 likely available in 9-10 months, I'd lean towards the E-M10 as a placeholder you can either 1) later use as a nice second body to reduce lens swaps, 2) give to your wide (right !), or 3) sell it at likely a small loss, using the money as downpayment on the new model E-M5.

I'd likely go for 3), looking at it as a pittance for a 9 month rental fee on an excellent small body.

Good luck, a few choices to opt from, none with a real downside.

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